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With Flare’s effortless onboarding system the advantages for you and your team are clear
Your company’s mission, vision and values can be communicated quickly via an introduction video from your CEO

Store employee data online. All in one place, making every individual’s information easier to locate and edit, auto filling every form with the information they’ve already filled out

Flare helps eliminate paperwork by making it easy to enroll a new employee into your payroll, sign contracts and join a superannuation fund electronically

Employees are more engaged because the onboarding process is highly interactive, rather than filling out endless paper forms. Once your employees have completed the necessary actions, they are hired via a simple e-signature.

End of the line – when the time comes for an employee to leave for good, or if they’re taking time out or heading off on maternity leave, you can off board them in minutes.

And if they’re coming back, logging them in again only takes a moment or two because all their data has been backed up and stored.

Ultimate Guide to Employee Onboarding

Onboarding best practices, templates, checklists and examples.


Ultimate Guide to Employee Onboarding

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