Your Weekly Flarey-Tale: GSA



Oct 12

We sat down with GSA to learn a little more about their business and what makes them tick.


Tell us your company’s tale.

GSA have been in the insurance game for 26 years. We are Insurance Brokers who are working hard to the change the space we are operating in. Each day we question how we do things and change the way our clients view insurance. We’re humbled each day when clients speak fondly of us and likewise we are amazed with what our clients are able to achieve. Under the guidance of five Directors including Paul Hines, Owner and CEO of the business we embody the values which make us a unique organisation. We are determined, energetic, surprising, human and strive to add value to every member of our network.

What is GSA famous for?

We are not sure that any business can be truly ‘famous’ for their insurance broking advice. Instead, GSA has created a unique culture around creating value for our clients, staff and wider network. We are famous for our events, you can check out one of our Christmas parties here We value our relationships and treat our network like our friends and our friends like our family.  We enjoy sharing a good time with our network of suppliers, supporters and clients.

What is GSA passionate about?

We are passionate about our People (excuse the cliché response but there’s no hiding it at GSA). Our average staff tenure is above 8 years, 8% of our staff have been with GSA from the get-go, and 25% of our staff form our 10+ year club. What this means is that everyone is engaged, we are invigorated each day and we have fun every day.

GSA’s Motto:

Challenge the status quo – Nothing makes us anxious like keeping things the same. Insurance can be dull so we are continually looking to keep it interesting.

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