Your Weekly Flarey-Tale: ILS



Oct 18

We sat down with ILS to learn a little more about their business and what makes them tick.


Tell us about your company.

Our competitive advantage is the diversity of our team. With backgrounds spanning occupational therapy, aged care, oxygen therapy, mobility and nursing, it’s an unrivaled wealth and breadth of experience which is reflected in the success of each client project. No matter their role, each member of staff brings an incredible work ethic, care and passion for helping customers find their freedom and continue enjoying life. It’s this approach that ensures Independent Living Specialists continues to lead the aged and home care industry in Australia.

What is ILS famous for?

Our exceptional customer service.

What is ILS passionate about?

Our People! We have a wonderful company culture and strongly believe in promoting work/life balance.

ILS’s Motto:

Absolutely and Yes we can! – At ILS we endeavor to always look after our customers.

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