Fashion Retail Giant Joins the Flare Family



Oct 26

We are very happy to have received such positive feedback from one of our customers: General Pants!

I was pretty excited when I came across FlareHR. The system was a no brainer for us. Not only is it a beautifully designed system with an intuitive interface, it doesn’t cost a cent.

I was looking for a one stop shop solution to onboard our employees electronically, so they could sign their contracts online, submit TFN and super details, have emergency contact details of all staff at our fingertips. What I love about flare is that it doesn’t stop there.

Flare enables us to extend both statutory required (super) and non statutory required (health etc) benefits to our employees that are tailored to their individual needs through their benefits concierge. We want our staff to be educated and aware of what super is, the difference it can make to their future, if they invest in understanding of it now.

Corporate Health insurance policies are usually a blanket policy that don’t suit all employees. FlareHR enables employees to choose what cover suits their needs, whether they are single or have a family. 

But, a system is only as good as the people in the business and the entire FlareHR team have been an absolute pleasure to work with. They are collaborative, they listen, they respond and most importantly care about our most important people, the employees experience.

Michelle Farrar-Eagles, General Manager of HR – General Pants Group

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