Novated Car Leasing

Find out how much you could save on your new car lease right now!

Get amazing benefits

Use pre-tax dollars

Pay for lease payments and running costs with money that hasn’t been taxed yet, so your take-home pay is increased.

Unrestricted use

Enjoy using your vehicle for work or pleasure.

Don’t pay GST

That’s an extra 10% in your back pocket.

No deposit

You can be in the car you want today, no questions asked.

Flexible terms

Upgrade to something new whenever you want – you aren’t locked in.


Multiple vehicles

Lease more than one vehicle at a time (with your employer’s consent).

Forget budget stress

A single, fortnightly payment covers everything.

For example:

Novated Car Lease
Novated Lease Discount
Novated Lease No GST
Novated Lease Tax Savings
Novated Lease Save Money

For Employers

Help attract and retain employees by offering this valuable benefit, at no extra cost or hassle to your business. We take care of the paperwork and provide an end-to-end service for your employees. This kind of lease is typically reserved for big businesses, but with Flare, it’s available to everyone.

For Employees

You can make lease repayments and pay for running costs (like petrol, servicing, registration and insurance) out of your pre-tax dollars. That means, no matter how much you earn, you can get taxed less and your take home pay will increase. If you happen to choose a new car for your novated lease, you won’t have to pay any GST.

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