Our employees come first. We openly encourage
each and every employee to hold us accountable.
Regardless of your position we want you to feel
welcome and valued. Every employee has the power
and the responsibility to make decisions and shape
the direction of the company.


Our aim is to be 100% transparent.
Proactively sharing information
fosters trust and drives smarter
decision-making. We learn from our
mistakes, and at the same time we
celebrate our victories so we all can
learn from our experiences.

Courage to


We want to change the world.
We have a growth mindset and
a willingness to learn. We aim to
revolutionize the lives of our
customers with our amazing
Flare solutions. We won’t take
no for an answer.
Teamwork is important to us. Our achievements cannot be done without the support and contribution from all of our talented team members. We want to win together and your win is our success.


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