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Flare is Australia’s first all in one HR and benefits platform. It has been designed to help you take care of all your employee’s needs and help them be more productive throughout their time with you and beyond. It’s easy to set up, simple to use and will save you time and money, as well as reducing HR headaches and administration. So it’s good for companies and their people, guaranteed to make your business a brighter place.

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Easy Onboarding & Offboarding

With Flare’s effortless onboarding system the advantages for you and your team are clear

  • Your company’s mission, vision and values can be communicated quickly via an introduction video from your CEO.
  • Store employee data online. All in one place, making every individual’s information easier to locate and edit, auto filling every form with the information they’ve already filled out.
  • Flare helps eliminate paperwork by making it easy to enroll a new employee into your payroll, sign contracts and join a superannuation fund electronically.
  • Employees are more engaged because the onboarding process is highly interactive, rather than filling out endless paper forms. Once your employees have completed the necessary actions, they are hired via a simple e-signature.
  • End of the line – when the time comes for an employee to leave for good, or if they’re taking time out or heading off on maternity leave, you can off board them in minutes. And if they’re coming back, logging them in again only takes a moment or two because all their data has been backed up and stored.

Ultimate Guide to Employee Onboarding

No more struggling to make sense of scattered, outdated spreadsheets

Flare helps you discover genuine insights and effective solutions to important HR questions thanks to its centralised, real-time data.

Real time HR analytics and reports

Gives management an immediate overview of the number of your full time employees, part time employees, employees on leave, outstanding future hires, diversity ratios and more.

Understand your people better

People are your most important asset, yet it’s easy for a disproportionate amount of time to get spent on running reports and reconciling data. Flare can add value to your business by freeing up valuable time that will allow you to gain insights into how your people can integrate and work better.

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HR Management

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Simplify Your HR Processes and Provide Employee Benefits
From One Platform

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Company Culture

Keep employees engaged and foster positive social interaction where your staff can feel at home at work.

Flare is designed to help make sure your people are fully integrated and engaged in your business, can say hello to their peers and feel at home at work. The platform makes it easy to post photos and share info and ideas on the culture page.

At Flare, we try to lead by example. Company culture is important to us and we believe that HR should reflect that. We’ve captured what good company culture can be, and packaged it up with our HR management software.

Encourage a healthy work-life balance, delivering a balance of work and personal involvement through peer to peer engagement.

Flare provides a one-stop shop for all your training and management resources and documents

Increased productivity

Every company has different requirements for different qualifications, training, licenses, surveys and more. With Flare you can store those in one place while customise which employee group has access to which training and track completion rates. Team members can read and complete them at a time that works best for them.

Centralised learning hub with fully customisable content

You define the content, whether it’s company announcements or new policies, and all printable paper policies are stored in one place where anyone can find and read them.

Flare HR - Training Management

Training Management

Flare HR Compliance

Compliance & Contracts

Keep up to date with your staffing requirements and skills.

Flare helps employers and employees stay on top of laws, regulations and company policies that apply to their day-to-day job responsibilities.

  • Pre-uploaded compliance policies and templates. Don’t have the
    time to write your own compliance policies? We have comprehensive templates that you can tailor to your company’s needs, saving you time, money and much confusion.
  • Extensive document libraries. Store all your documents and policies in one place, easily accessible by both employers and employees.

Save time and empower your employees with their own HR portal

Administrators and managers retain control and approved changes are automatically populated across all connected HR software systems.

  • Customized record management solutions. Flare gives you the flexibility to integrate with many different software providers. Pick and choose additional providers based on your preferences and needs, while also delivering seamless integration with payroll and accounting software.
  • Completely secure. We take data security very seriously. All data is retained securely in Microsoft Azure and hosted physically in Australia.
Flare HR Centralised Record Management

Centralised Record Management


Simplify your HR processes and focus on managing, motivating and getting your employees engaged.

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