The ABCs of HR for SMEs



Sep 15

Get the HR fundamentals right from the beginning by making sure you are doing these three things.

Congratulations. You are driven, you are calling the shots, you have backed yourself, you have put in the hard yards, you have successfully built a small business. You know that one of the biggest keys to your ongoing success is the people in your team: the right people, doing the right things, at the right time, with the right resources. Easy right? If only that were so!

Too many small business owners spend too much time dealing with people processes and problems at the cost of growing their business. One ‘bad apple’ in a small business really can spoil the bunch costing a small business time, damaging their reputation, breaking relationships and setting the business back years.

Even worse than having a bad employee is when a small business loses its star employees. The company’s ‘rain makers’, the people in the business that are as passionate and driven as you are, often make two or three times the contribution of an average employee. Too often these stars leave for reasons within the control of the business owner.

On top of the people challenges small business owners face they must also be able to navigate Australia’s complex employment laws. Constantly changing and strongly in favor of the employee, small business owners must understand and work within the laws to ensure their business is protected in the event of a claim against them by an employee.

Fortunately, by following a few simple rules and applying some easy to use tools, small business owners can sleep better at night knowing they have got the building blocks of human resources in place, meeting their compliance requirements and allowing them to focus on driving growth and profitability in their business.

As a small business owner, it’s important to get the ABCs of HR right first so you don’t run into scaling and compliance issues down the line:


Alignment – Ensure everyone in the organization is aligned around what success looks like, where the company needs to focus, and how everyone can support each other to achieve both individual and organizational goals.


Best practice – Make sure your team is across the best practice HR processes around onboarding, performance management, learning, talent management and other HR areas.


Compliance –Australia’s employment laws and makes workforce reporting for compliance purposes, or for your own analysis, super easy and accurate.

These areas are common sticking points for businesses of all sizes, not just those starting out. If you’re looking for a solution to get these processes right, look no further than Flare.

Flare provides the tools to align everyone in the business across all the relevant areas and goals. It adheres to all HR best practices, almost like having a virtual HR Director in your business for free! All your compliance is also taken care of, one place for all your people information and solutions for all your people needs. We pride ourselves on taking care of small businesses for great value. We look forward to shining a light and helping you to find a brighter way to look after your people.

Jan Pacas, Managing Director – Flare

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