Your Weekly Flarey-Tale: Minnovare



Nov 02

We sat down with one of our customers Minnovare to learn a little more about their business and what makes them tick.


Tell us about your company.

Minnovare is a young and exciting technology company focused on the development and distribution of products designed to eliminate unproductive processes and increase productivity within global Mining and Civil Construction industries. From inception to date, Minnovare has rapidly expanded both nationally and internationally into USA, Canada, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, with near-term plans to break into the South American and African markets.

What is Minnovare famous for?

Minnovare’s award-winning Azimuth Aligner®, the world’s first driller-operated alignment solution which is generating massive productivity gains and cost reductions, rendering traditional methods obsolete.

What is Minnovare passionate about?

Innovation – Minnovare’s key focus is on developing and delivering innovative technologies and drilling products which provide increased efficiencies, safety, control and productivity for the Mining and Civil Construction industries.

Minnovare’s Motto:

Innovate Your Process to Improve Your Performance

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